The edge of change

After falling into some patterns in my work this fall, things began to feel redundant. So, I dedicated the winter to working through new ideas. I experimented with color palettes I'd previously avoided (reds), and incorporated some techniques from my fiber and sculpture work (hand-dyeing canvas, staining fabric).

I see this body of work as representing a transitional stage. And it's also selective, as I made so much more work that didn't make the cut, but I'm already seeing the results of pushing through it all in my current work.


SOCIAL    I've been a bit quieter on instagram these days. I've been keeping my phone out of the studio - as it turns out, I make better use of limited winter daylight if I focus on work, and wait to document until I take a break or finish my work for the day. But, if you're on Tumblr, I've been sharing more images there, along with some color inspiration and the works of other artists that I enjoy. Where IG occasionally leaves me feeling flat, scrolling my tumblr feed is relaxing and motivating with its quirky randomness and nonchalance. 

WI LOCALS    If you find yourself in the greater Milwaukee area this spring, a selection of my work is now available at Brew City Salvage, a gem of a mid-century furniture shop located outside of Milwaukee in Waukesha.