Showing @ Jill Aiko Yee

A collection of my work is now available at the studio of Jill Aiko Yee in Los Angeles. Jill grew up here in Wisconsin, and I've been following her work for some time now - she creates garments that move and drape beautifully, in a unique and inspiring palette of colors. Her pieces are some of the most comfortable in my wardrobe - so soft and effortless.

Jill Aiko Yee + Dani Schafer by Sharon Kanes 2016

I am excited to partner with her to share my work with those of you in LA, and to offer this special selection of works on paper and paintings (curated by Jill herself) to accompany her current collection.

Jill Aiko Yee + Dani Schafer by Sharon Kanes 2016

Jill's studio is open to the public for viewing and shopping on Saturdays from 11-4 PST. It holds not only Jill's pieces, but also a selection from other LA designers and makers. Follow Jill on instagram for details, to see her designs, and for information on events that she hosts in the studio. 


Jill Aiko Yee Studio & Showroom  //  112 W 9th St, #1119, 11th Floor  //  Los Angeles, CA

Located on 9th street between Broadway and Main. Enter through the office building lobby with the security guard, take the elevators to the 11th floor. Door is down the hall and on the left.

Jill Aiko Yee + Dani Schafer by Sharon Kanes 2016

Photos:  Sharon Kanes