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Clermont St
Antigo, WI, 54409
United States

Dani Schafer is a Wisconsin based artist who creates expressive, process-based abstract paintings.


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Movement Studies

Dani Schafer

Years ago, I’d been told (by my now-husband) that my work tended to show signs of my body's movement. As much of my work was sculptural at the time, I never thought much of it - until this February when I kept seeing those same signs show up, repeatedly.

I decided to expand on them, and broaden my movements beyond that telltale arm arc. I began a series of small works on paper focusing on creating different negative space and finding new ways to move my brush or palette knife.

In the beginning, I created the studies while painting, with whatever was on my palette and on whatever paper surface I had available. Later, I worked with a palette specific to the studies. Throughout the project, my focus was on creating works that served as a record of movements made during the process.

A sub-set of this project, which follows at the bottom of this post, the Water series, were created while I was in Sturgeon Bay, in Door County, Wisconsin. The palette was inspired by my surroundings: the deep, gray-blue of the bay; the colder, darker blue of Lake Michigan; the aqua of a swimming pool; and the greens of a northern Wisconsin spring.