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Clermont St
Antigo, WI, 54409
United States

Dani Schafer is a Wisconsin based artist who creates expressive, process-based abstract paintings.


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Painter's Blouse: Jill Aiko Yee x Dani Schafer

Dani Schafer

Painter's Blouse - Jill Aiko Yee x Dani Schafer - Photo: Joy Newell

LA designer Jill Aiko Yee and I are excited to announce the release of the Painter's Blouse. Hand painted in my Wisconsin studio, and designed and sewn by Jill in Los Angeles, this top brings together color and form in a lightweight, boxy shape with unique pools of color and brushstrokes. 

Jill X Joy Newell _003.jpg

My friendship with Jill goes back a few years, since meeting on instagram and finding common ground in our love of color and form. I am thrilled to be working with her now on this project, which has helped me explore new processes within my own practice.

Jill's designs are made for living in, combing comfort and usefulness with expressive styles. Her pieces are made with a sense of mindfulness, and an enduring feeling of ease and beauty.

Finding a way to bring my painting and Jill's beautiful, wearable designers together has been an exciting journey. We wanted to capture the abstract and impromptu energy of my painting scenes — dropcloths with spashes and pools of unexpected combinations of colors — in an effortless feeling, wearable design.

The Painter's Blouse is now available for pre-order at We're offering a limited pre-order discount (until shipping starts on September 25, 2017). Use code COLLAB for 20% off.

Find more of Jill's designs on her site or follow along on instagram. You can see more photos in Jill's Rose Garden photo shoot with photographer Joy Newell.

Photos: Joy Newell, Beauty: Bria Danielle, Model: Rose Strasen